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Monday Workout

5 x 1km Intervals
1:1 Rest Ratio
(Record each time)

Friday Workout

Elevation Mask @ 6000ft

6 x 50 Medball Slams + 400m run

This one was hard work, finishing up on the floor :))

Monday Workout

6km Run

Wednesday Workout

500 Push Ups

(body straight from feet to shoulders, lower until shoulders are level with elbows then raise to full arm extension)

2013 – Coming Soon

  • 10 Week Challenge
  • Strength Training for Women
  • Functional Strength/Fitness Workshop
  • Bodyweight & Plyometrics Training Workshop
  • Prehab/Rehab Workshop
  • RAWNRG 500 Club
  • Fittest Member Competition

Thursday Workout

6 x 50 Medball Slams + 400m run

Wednesday Workout

– Kettlebells with Elevation Mask @ 3000ft30 x 30secs work/30secs rest

Turkish Get Ups
Single leg Deadlift
Clean & Press