About Us

RAWNRG FITNESS is a Personal Training service that provides a wide range of fitness and rehabilitation methods.

Heading up the Personal Training for RAWNRG is Mick, a qualified Personal Trainer, Instructor in Kettlebells, Jujitsu, Phillipino Knife Combat, with over 14 years operational military experience in Riot Control, Close Personal Protection (Bodyguard) Civilian, Military and Federal Police.

With an extensive background in Athletics (Sprints), MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Gymnastics, Military Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, Mick’s success lies in his ability to provide a variety of effective, no nonsense, functional training methods using strength training, cardiovascular endurance, corrective exercise and nutritional advice to help you reach far beyond your perceived goals.

Mick pride’s himself providing functional style training for all ages/abilities and can adapt any program to suit your needs. He will work with you on an ongoing basis to enhance your lifestyle.

Train to make life easy!!!
So if you aren’t scared of hard work and want to learn how to keep the results you worked so hard for, please give us a call.

So we hope to hear from you soon.