Strength & Conditioning

Focuses on Cardio, Strength, Muscular Endurance and Conditioning.

  • Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Powerlifting
  • Special Needs

Our Training formats have been developed to incorporate functional movements to educate and train the client’s body to work as one. Correct training techniques are essential to RAWNRG’s Strength & Conditioning programs to ensure the client reaches their goals without injury.


MMA Conditioning

With a long standing passion in Martial Arts and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) RAWNRG has developed and implemented some of the most dynamic MMA conditioning programs that have seen client’s progress from average to top level competitors in the MMA arena. The RAWNRG Training Team will develop specific training to suit each competitor ensuring his or her progress is analysed and assessed on a regular basis.









Sports Specific Training

Developing and providing Sports Specific Training is achieved through the breadth of knowledge and experience gained by the RAWNRG Training Team following many years of delivering training for both professional and amateur sports men and women.

Sports Specific Training has been designed and delivered for clients who compete in varying disciplines such as, Running, Triathlons, PowerLifting, Road Bike Racing, Adventure Races, Rowing and Volleyball always with the same focus…… ensuring individual goals are achieved.  RAWNRG offers both individual or team Sports Specific Training and utilises a number of training techniques to reach the desired outcomes.