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RAWNRG Fitness in the Park Fundraiser


In conjunction with my recent post on Facebook to help Tracy raise money for little Vinnie’s operation, I’m asking all our RAWNRG friends and family to join us for a Fitness in the Park Group Training session.For the first session we will limit the numbers to 50 spots and put a challenge out to all other businesses to join in our cause.

Cost is $20 per person but if you wish to make a bigger donation on the day, please feel free.

For more details and to book your spot please contact me:
Mick – 0405 689 377 or message me on FB

Let’s Do This!!

See you there….

Wednesday Workout

10 x Deadlifts @ BW
10 x Plyometric Push Ups
10 x Insteps
10 x Box Jumps @ 20kg

Max cycles in 10mins
5min Rest

Repeat 4 times!!!!


These free workouts have been compiled by our Personal Trainers for you to use at home, in the gym or at the park to help you improve your personal fitness (our Personal Trainers also complete each workout prior to posting).