When you have a distinct goal to train for you tend to train better and harder, so with that in mind let me introduce you to our new RAWNRG 500 CLUB.

YOUR challenge throughout 2013 is to earn the 500 CLUB Red Shirt by completing 2 activities in the allocated times.

1: 500 Push Ups                           = Males: 28mins                  Females: 45mins
Males must do Full push ups. (On hands and feet)
Females can change between full push ups and on the knees.
Full arm extension at the top, lower until shoulders are level with the elbows, body straight.

2: 500 Kettlebell Swings               = Males: 20mins @ 16kg     Females: 25mins @ 12kg
Kettlebell must come up to eye level during the swing.
May perform single and/or two hand swings.

Once you have completed both activities under my supervision you will have earnt your Free RAWNRG 500 CLUB Red Shirt/Singlet.

Cost: $10 per attempt.

Special Prize: A prize will be awarded to the person with the fastest aggregate times throughout 2013.

500 CLUB VIP: If you beat both of my times you will earn the Black 500 CLUB VIP T-shirt.
500 Kettlebell Swings = 17:12mins
500 Push Ups = 25:52mins

It is going to be hard so no apologies for that, as it’s meant to be.

Once you truely push yourself and achieve your goal, you will know that you have earnt it..

So Train Smart, Train Hard and when it’s time GO HARD!!

Good luck

Copyrite © 2013 RAWNRG

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