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Monday Workout – Endurance Circuit

20 x Shoulder Press
20 x Bicep Curls
20 x Deadball Slam
(5 times through)

20 x Pull Ups
20 x Push Ups
20 x Deadball Slam

(5 times through)
20 x Torsonator Power Twist
20 x Torsonator Single arm Snatch
(3 times through)

Wednesday Workout

10 x Deadlifts @ BW
10 x Plyometric Push Ups
10 x Insteps
10 x Box Jumps @ 20kg

Max cycles in 10mins
5min Rest

Repeat 4 times!!!!


These free workouts have been compiled by our Personal Trainers for you to use at home, in the gym or at the park to help you improve your personal fitness (our Personal Trainers also complete each workout prior to posting).